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Bulk Buy Savings

Bulk Buy Savings
- Sunday, February 12, 2023

With many rising costs we are finding businesses are try to save where ever they can.

With most of our office furniture it comes flat packed with easy instructions. Most desks are very simple to put together and have cam locks or self tapping screws. With Many products they come with their own allen key in the box if required and most products all you need is is a Philips Head Screw Driver allthough an electric screwdriver/drill will make it a lot easier and faster.

We have slowly been going through the website and adding on each item its level of installation, how many people are required and what are the tools required. If you unsure please dont hesitate to ask.

So if you want to save on costs of installation by DIY in most cases it is very easy and very little experience is required. on some of the specialty desks. reception counters, custom made and large boardroom table it is advisable to get experienced installers or let us install for you.

On top of installation savings we do offer bulk buy offers so if you have a full fit out or multiple desks or chairs please dont hesitate to ask for bulk buy pricing.


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