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Buro Maverick Heavy Duty 24/7 Ergonomic Chair

Buro Maverick Heavy Duty 24/7 Ergonomic Chair
- Monday, August 21, 2023

The Buro Maverick 24/7 Controller chair is a heavy-duty chair designed with durability for intensive work enviroments such as call centres, surveillance rooms and control rooms. Enjoy superior comfort with body-contoured wide padded seat and extra high backrest. The adjustable ergonomic features enable optimisation for multiple people in 24/7 shift-work environments. Customise to suit your needs with depth adjustable lumbar support, height and depth adjustable headrest and robust retractable folding arm rests that can be tipped up or tucked away effortlessly under your desk.

It has Donati Epron RV mechanisim with weight adjustment & with a 200kg weight rating this chair is designed to handle hours and hours of sitting to suit the long hours of shift work and can be easy adjusted to suit different users.

It comes in either black fabric or leather options.

It is ideally suited to shift workers in mines, power stations, security control rooms and people that want that superior comfort.


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