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Ergonomic Office Chairs

David Griffin - Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ergonomic Office Chairs

If you are spending up to six hours at your desk then studies have shown that there has been a large increase in Neck Pain, Back Pain (mainly lower Back) and extra pressure on hips has caused many other posture and nerve damage issues.

This has caused many work places to review better practices and the introduction of the Sit/Stand Desks and the growing demand on Ergonomic Office Chairs.

We stock a great range from semi ergonomic chairs to fully ergonomic. Most of these come with adjustable lumber support, center tilt, tension adjustment, & adjustable arms.

Also many people tend to focus just on lumber and neck support forgetting the importance of getting the right height adjustment and the correct width and length of the seat to reduce pressure on the hips.

The best ergonomic chairs are Afridi rated and have been tested to the high Australian standards.

Naturally to get the best for your body if sitting for long periods it is recommended that you should regular stand and stretch your body and if possible to go for short walks to allow the blood to flow through muscles. Also it is also recommended that a foot stool be used. (they tend to help stopping you from slouching at the desk)

If you have any enquiries about ergonomic furniture please don’t hesitate to contact us on  02 4973 1313.