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Four Tips To Keep Your Workspace & Desk Organized

- Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Four Tips To Keep Your Workspace & Desk Organized

Tackle Physical and Digital Clutter

To begin, take stock of what you have at your desk and on your computer is a perfect place to start. Clutter now takes many forms, whether physical or digital. Getting email inboxes organized and recycling old documents you no longer need can really help you start off on the right foot. If you found your desk messy and unbearable, it might be a good time to reconsider your storage methods. Adding a filing cabinet to your workspace can make huge strides in not only keeping things more neat, but also opening up more desk space for you to actually work.

Invest in Your Workspace

Whether it’s a brand new desk that you’ve been lusting over for your home office or some fun new accessories for your cubicle, now is the time to go for it. Why? Taking some time to invest in how your office looks and feels is sure to pay off in large dividends. The more that you like your workspace, the more productive you will be.

Set Objectives – And Keep Them in Sight

We all have objectives to accomplish – it’s how we stay on track and keep overall business goals in mind, whether working as an entrepreneur or in a more corporate setting. We’re sure you’ve heard the expression “out of sight, out of mind”? While that may not always be the case for everyone, we do think it pays off to keep your yearly objectives on display or within easy reach. It can be easy to get side-tracked and bogged down by day-to-day tasks, making it more difficult to see the bigger picture. Having goals in sight can help keep them in mind as you complete your daily tasks.

Write it Down

When it comes to the day-to-day tasks, keeping a list of action items, whether digital or physical, is the best tried and true method. There is a reason it’s always recommended, no matter what you’re trying to achieve – if you take the time to do it, it works. That’s all there is to it! Program an alarm or reminder to go off at the beginning of the day and take five minutes to review your action items for the day. Continue to add and remove items from the list as the day goes on. Use what’s left of the list to then craft your list for the next day. It’s simple, but still surprisingly difficult. Once you establish the habit, your organization and productivity levels are sure to skyrocket.

Here’s to a happy, productive and incredibly organized workspace!

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