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New Sit/Stand Range

David Griffin - Monday, April 10, 2017

Sorry for the break in all our monthly blogs as we have been hard at work on implementing some new things that we are very excited about and which you will hear more about in the near future. Hopefully you will find our articles useful and informative.

So here is our next feature on the constant changing sit/stand desks and accessories.

Wow hasn’t the range of sit stand desks and accessories for these grown of the past 12 months. The original standard crank handle straight sit stand desks came out only a few years ago and today there seems to be a new design idea being released every week. Price vary between $500.00 to $2500.00



Other than all the new designs in electric sit stand desks that range from basic straight desks to fancier corner workstations (all available here) the new trend seems to be leaning to the more affordable desk risers. These are more likely to be placed on a standard desk and come in multiple designs to basic sizes and operations to ones with USB ports, trays for books and connections for multiple screens. Prices will vary between $280 to $1000.00.



So the main difference to the desk rises compared to the full sit stand desks is the price. The other differences to watch is what height they go to and the stability with some of the cheaper brands not going to a full standing height for some taller people. Other than that they are a very good alternative.