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- Friday, May 22, 2020

One of the few positive things to come out of the last 2 Months is the focus on Australian manufacturing. What has become apparent is how much we have become dependent on overseas especially China for a lot of our goods. 

Covid has given a chance for many smaller local manufacturers to shine as stocks were running low. Whilst many imported items were unavailable people began to search and find locally manufactured products.

We ourselves have always tried to use the made in Australian products before having to out source and will be looking at any local options more than ever.

One of our favourites is a range of Australian Manufactured Office Chairs that we stock. We have found the quality to be better, the range is growing fast, the ability to supply a huge range of different commercial grade fabrics or PU options in a faster turn around than many of the imported brands and you may be surprised that the price is still very competitive on top of that we are supporting Australian Jobs and is a win win.

It is a Trend I would love to see Australians support Australian Manufacturing in all industries. Its not the Governments responsibility or Corporate Companies it is the consumers that control the market.

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