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Sit or Stand Computer Desks

David Griffin - Monday, May 18, 2015

With the age of computers we are spending more time at our desks. A recent article said that if people were to stand just 30% of the time they spend at their desk they would be far healthier and less prone to back and joint injuries.

There is also the side that if you are constantly standing for long periods it effects your lower back, posture and other joints, so in today’s technology age it is all about getting the balance right and will vary from person to person.

We have been watching this market closely and now have a great range of Sit/Stand desks available. There are really two different types. The manual Sit/Stand desks with a crank wind up handle or the Electric Sit/Stand desks.

The base and legs come in a wide range of sizes, that nearly any size table top can be fitted. Our most common colours are white, Beach, Cherry but there are some great modern colour choices available. They can also come as a corner workstation or in the workgroup workstations.

If you would be interested in getting any quotes on Sit/Stand desks the best person to speak to is Sharen who can organise the type, size and design that would suit you.

Download our latest Sit & Stand Computer Desks for more information. 

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