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What to Consider When Buying Office Furniture

David Griffin - Sunday, September 9, 2018

What to Consider When Buying Office Furniture

What to Consider When Buying Office Furniture

Given how much time is spent in the office, choosing office furniture is an important decision – but it’s one that can seem quite daunting. There are a number of factors to consider, including how to optimise space and how to ensure comfort for employees and clients. But when you break these factors down and start to make a plan, furniture shopping can actually become quite fun!

Plan for the Space You Have

It’s critical that you’re aware of how much space you have to work with and how much space you’ll need to get your job done. After all, there’s no sense in buying a desk that’s too big and barely fits in the office, and neither is there any sense in buying a desk that’s too small and doesn’t hold a computer, let alone a phone, keyboard, mouse, files, and anything else you might need for your role.

Start by making a plan. How many desks or chairs do you need? What about storage space? There’s no such thing as too much storage, so should you consider extra drawers as well as shelving? Would these drawers fit under a desk, or do they need to find another home? Plan the best way to effectively use the space you have.

Prioritise Comfort

Workers should never be distracted by discomfort, which is why ergonomics are crucial when it comes to office furniture. You should consider how much time someone will spend at their desk before making a decision. It could also be worthwhile to try a few options out before purchasing. Do some legwork and find out whether your office furniture choices are really comfortable or not. Remember that your workers come in all shapes and sizes, so adjustable chairs are a great option to suit most of your team.

Don’t Forget Appearance

While comfort is your number one priority, don’t disregard the value of attractive office furniture –especially if others are often visiting the workplace. The look of your office is a client’s first impression when they arrive for a meeting, and it’s often formed before you’ve even had a chance to shake hands. Your new furniture should therefore match the company’s overall image, and it certainly shouldn’t clash with any old pieces that are already in place. It’s recommended that you take photos of the existing furniture so you can visualise whether the new items you have your eye on will match the existing office decor.

What About the Cost?

Good value can be hard to find. You want high-quality office furniture that will last for years to come, but on the other hand, you don’t want to completely blow your budget on desks and chairs and have nothing left for storage solutions. Do a bit of research and look at some online stores to give yourself a better idea of what to expect. It’s recommended that you find something practical and within budget, remembering to prioritise comfort. Planning a budget and working out how much to designate to each item will help significantly when it comes to actually choosing the items.

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