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Work From Home Is Back

Work From Home Is Back
- Monday, August 2, 2021

Well After a very busy June, Many businesses were starting to look like they were back into normal trade and some busier than ever with a noticeable increase in spending, then along comes Covid again.

This has been particularly hard on many Central Coast businesses. I think this has been a lot harder on them than the original lock down of Covid in March to June 2020. Many of these businesses had a lot of assistance from Job Keeper, payroll tax benefits as well as probably having some savings to get them through. This time there is only some help for a few and people have less savings after the initial lockdowns.

Many are back working from home and doing things by Zoom or have had to close altogether. 

There are a lot that have set up the home office professionally using the available technology and setting up the office with a reasonable work space desk and an ergonomic chair, but it still surprises me the amount of people still using the dining table and chairs and wondering why they are getting sore backs and necks.

With the amount of time spent on a computer these days, business have been spending a lot more on having the correct work space set up to avoid the long term injuries and future work place injury claims. 

It should be no different at home and having the correct set up is ultra important these days. Having a good quality Ergonomic chair is a great investment and could save you from long term injuries to your back or neck.

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